Monday, May 20, 2013

Some Big Changes Are Happening Here! Read Below to Find Out What!

After a long and heartfelt decision making process, I've decided to close down The Tudor Tattler. My reasons are personal; I've recently decided to go back to school, have a full time job, and other familial obligations. I simply don't have the time to give it what it deserves.

I also want to devote what spare time I do have to The Tudor Book Blog, my original blog at Everything Tudor, and where my real passion lies. I'm a librarian and I love books. I want to focus on Tudor books, though I will still share interesting Tudor related news here and there.

Evelyn, a dear friend of mine, has recently decided to get into blogging. She is a PhD student and knows her stuff. I have passed on my idea for a Tudor Gossip Site to her, and boy has she done a lot with it! Her new site, which I ask that you check out and follow if you enjoyed The Tudor Tattler, is Anne Boleyn's Gossip Guide. Though it does feature Anne, it is about all Tudor and Renaissance history. She is studying Art History and will feature a lot of period pieces, along with informative and well researched articles on many Tudor people, places, and events. She is also going to review "The Tudors" episode by episode, offering insight into the truth behind the fiction, as well as fun bits, including surveys to see who had the best costumes and such :)

I want to send out a huge huge thank you to all of my readers and subscribers. I am still going to be running The Tudor Book Blog and will be focusing all of my attention there (along with its Facebook and Twitter feeds). I love you all and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with The Tudor Tattler and really look forward to see what Evelyn does with Anne Boleyn's Gossip Guide. Thank you all!

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