Friday, March 29, 2013

Garden and Eat Like a Tudor

I stumbled upon an interesting article today which looks at what veggies were grown by Tudors, and which you can still grow and use today.

Be sure to check it out here.
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  1. Great to see the museum is opening again and will reveal all new about the ship. I went there in 2009 just before it closed and it was great. Have just seen a documentary from 2008 called What Sank the Mary Rose: it was complete rubbish. They made assumptions about the refit, the guns and the number of people on board that they had no evidence for. They concluded she was over loaded and thus sank.

    This thankfully has now been dis proven in 2010 but is still bandied about as fact. Proper more serious attempts to find out were conducted and it is now concluded that the Mary Rose was hit below the water line and that she sank because water poured into the hole and the gun ports could not have been closed in time. She was trying to beach and repair the hole but was not able to do so. We also now know that the refit would have taken the new guns into consideration and that the number of men on board was acceptable for her new weight.

    She had many people from other parts of Europe on board and was thus with many languages. This and the battle made it hard for repairs to be done. She sank and took on water and the nets to stop boarding kept people below and so more than 400 men died.

    Henry was no fool. He would not have loaded his ship with new guns and not taken into consideration the weight and what she needed to still be sea worthy. She was at sea for another 10 years from the refit: to say this caused her demise is absolute rubbish.

    We just do not want to admit that Henry VIII's flagship was hit by a French gun.