Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Well...Henry Did It!

Empson, Henry VII, and Dudley
 As I mentioned on Facebook, I've recently started a new job! I am finally getting my professional career as a librarian started. After getting a Masters and working an assistant library job, I am very happy to have finally landed a real librarian position!

However, the first day of my job, my new boss informed me that my assistant might need to go...but it was my job to decide! Great way to start your first day on a new job, firing someone!

But then I thought...well Henry VIII did it, in his very Henry way.

Back in 1509, the new young king decided that he would be better off with new ministers. His father, Henry VII, was not the most popular King by the end of his reign. His ministers, even less popular! Of course, when Henry VIII, a young 18 year old, ascended the throne, he inherited his father's ministers. They probably thought they had a shoe-in for running the country for so young a king. Henry's grandmother, Margaret Beaufort, had a similar idea. She claimed she would serve as regent as Henry was "too young" to rule on his own (though luckily for him she died before that could really happen).

Young Henry VII
One of Henry VIII's first decrees as King was to order that his father's two most hated and powerful ministers, Sir Richard Empson and Edmund Dudley, to be quickly rounded up at taken to the Tower, only two days after his coronation! They were charged with high treason and executed. Henry VIII then gave money to the people, reportedly extorted by the two unfortunate ministers. The people were happy, and, more importantly, Henry was happy.

The moral of this story? Henry started a new job with a little "spring cleaning." Well...if Henry did it, should I? Hum...I don't know. I'm tempted to think that Henry VIII isn't the best role model. His motto was pretty much, "Stand in my way, I make you a head shorter."

In case any of you are fearful I am turning into Henry VIII, do not be. After careful consideration, I have talked with the assistant and he seems to have straightened out. Thus far, he will not face the executioner's axe. However, like all those at Henry's court, the shadow of the block is a constant companion. Hopefully my assistant doesn't feel that way. I fancy myself a bit nicer than Henry...for now ;)
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  1. Elizabeth focus on what you know and let go of what you dont but always keep that catalogue file of what happened. Wish you great luck in your new job and as we all trace history we find someone goes up and someone goes down. Its fascinating and amazing to view. You will not be an on up and on down girl .....unless you decide. Cheers

  2. I whole heartedly agree with what you've said! Thank you so much for your kind words :)