Friday, March 30, 2012

Stuart Week!

As many of you know, last weekend marked the death of Elizabeth I. This is where the Tudor Dynasty ended, and the Stuart began. However, Elizabeth's death was not an end to Tudor England, per se. All of her nobles, many of whom were instrumental in Tudor England, were still around. They simply had a new ruler. This coming week marks the beginning of James' journey to England. I am going be focusing my posts on the early reign of James VI/I, investigating those who had Tudor connections but were serving within a new dynasty. I am also investigating the repercussions of the death of so great a monarch as Elizabeth, and the man who had to fill her shoes. There will certainly be goblets full of gossip and scandal, so be sure to check in!

Here's the line up:

Monday: Artifact Monday - Clothing from the early 1600's and "The Arrival of a King" - House (or Palace) Cleaning.

Tuesday: Tudor Tart - Frances Howard, Countess of Somerset (Poison at the Court of James VI/I).

Wednesday: The Ladies of Robert Cecil (Extremely important political figure, yes. Hunchback, yes. Lover, yes?).

Thursday: Poets and Plays (How Elizabethan writing continued. Yes, Shakespeare was still around)

Friday: The King's Favorites (not who you would expect...).

Saturday: We will finish up the week looking at the key events in the reigns of the first two Stuarts, focusing on the Gun Powder Plot and aptly ending with an execution.

*Note: Unfortunately, the weekly line up has changed! I will keep you updated!
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