Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fashion or Flop? The Brandons

Here we see the lovely couple Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor. Their coordinating outfits (probably Mary's idea) are in black with silver and pearl embellishment. Mary plays up the black and white with a matching French hood, scandalously showing a bit of her hair. Her matching jewelry is accented by the delicate gold embroidery on her sleeves. Charles, likewise, wears a matching cap and gold chain of estate. He also mimics Mary's delicate gold detailing on his upper sleeve topped off with a thick fur cloak.

What think ye? Fashion or flop?
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  1. I like this portrait of the two lovers. I say Fashion! btw, I love these posts :)

  2. It's the Brandons!! Always fashionable!

  3. Why is she holding an Artichoke?

  4. From looking into it very quickly, I've discovered that an artichoke often symbolizes peace. Perhaps it is a personal symbol for Mary and/or the Brandons.