Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo Friday: Detail of the Anne Boleyn Gate

This gate is one of two main gates at Hampton Court Palace. It derives its name from the interwoven HA's in the ceiling of the underpass. There has been a lot of debate as to the originality of the HA's, which are thought to represent Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn (thus giving the gate its name). Many historians, however, attribute it to the Victorian renovations of the palace, thus not originally Tudor. However, it was a common practice for Henry to entwine his initials with his wives', many examples of which can still be seen through England.
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  1. Love the Anne Boleyn gate. It is so clear that the spoilers of Henry tried to have a go but it was too hard to get the detail off. I have seen the gate and it is beautiful. I also have to laugh as Henry tried to eradicate Anne and her memory and yet there it is: the first main gate and it is dedicated to Anne Boleyn.

    It is also funny as an actor plays Henry at Hampton Court and it is mentioned that you must not speak of Anne and a couple of times the kids point out the decoration on the gate. It is a great detail and example of Tudor stucko wear. It is also great that not all the things designed by and for Anne Boleyn were lost to history.