Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fashion or Flop? Isabelle de Valois

Here Isabelle de Valois models a lovely redish-orange silk gown intricately embroidered with gold thread, over a white silk petticoat. The top of the gown is modestly adorned with a ruby and pearl netting and topped with a high collar of lace ruffles.  She wears an elaborate ruby and pearl headpiece which scandalously shows a bit of her dark brown hair.

What think ye? Is it Fashion or Flop?

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  1. Definitely high fashion. Gorgeous gown and headpiece.

  2. complete know, it would be sort of hard to find an actual "flop" amongst these tudor-era nobleperson portraits. they all really knew how to dress.

  3. I find that most of the "flops" are the men...seems not a lot has changed ;)

  4. Can you supply the source of that image? I'm trying to find the museum online and can't find it. Thanks! Oh