Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Don't Spoil It," Jane Seymour

I was re-watching a season 3 episode of The Tudors the other night and was re-struck by a scene I had forgotten about. Henry and Jane, his new wife, had just finished an evening of passion. They are cuddling (who would have thought Henry a cuddler) and enjoying pillow talk. Jane, however, thought this might be a good time to ask Henry to restore the Abbeys. Henry, having already told her previously not to meddle in his affairs replied, "Do you remember what happened to the late Queen? I love you more than her, more even than Katherine. Don't spoil it."

Here's the scene if you would like to watch:

My first instinct? Some love, Henry. Then, as any good history major, I began comparing it to history. In real life, Henry and Jane did disagree about the dissolution of the monasteries, as well as the fate of those involved in the Pilgrimage of Grace. What really happened?

According to the French Ambassador, something far more dramatic. When the fate of the monasteries was revealed, Queen Jane "threw herself on her knees before her husband and 'begged him to restore the abbeys'" before the court. Henry retorted her, telling her to get up. He quickly reminded her that he had warned her several times not to meddle in his affairs. He then, much as Henry did in the video above, made a pointed allusion to "'the late Queen.'" Apparently, this frightened poor Jane enough to shut her up.

The Tudors, ShoTime. No copyright infringement intended!
Antonia Fraser, The Wives of Henry VIII.

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  1. I have read/watched stuff about this before. Seems like most of the time when you hear about Jane she the quite and simple wife. Now knowing other wise, I think she was more complex then thought. Wish we knew more about her.

    1. I really wish we knew more, too. I really don't think she was a ditsy follower, as she is often portrayed. I see her as an observer, good at learning from other people's mistakes. She at least learned enough to stay quiet when told to by Henry VIII...something his first two wives didn't figure out.

  2. I think the fact that Henry VIII is burried with her to this day tells you a great deal.. he stated the fact that she was his own true love even thou he married many times after her.. everyone points to the fact that she gave him a son and an hier to the throne.. I don't believe this facter I believe she had much greater power over Henry even before there son was born.. she didn't gain much power after the birth of there son because she already had it wasn't all about him having a male hier do we really think that he would be burried with her.. he would have wished to have had his son burried with him which he is not!..many say that Jane was a simple quite women I doubt that very much Jane was a very clever women indeed!...