Monday, February 6, 2012

Artifact Monday: A Shoe

Every Monday I will post an artifact to have survived from Tudor Times. I love artifacts, as they are a tangible links to the past. I especially love finding rare Tudor artifacts such as clothing, shoes, or jewelry as there are not many known to have survived to modern times.

This week's Artifact is (surprise, surprise) a shoe! This particular leather shoe was discovered on the ill-fated flag ship of Henry VIII's, the Mary Rose. Sadly, many men lost their lives when it sank. However, it has offered some of the best artifacts from Tudor times, aiding historians in piecing together how people from the time really lived.

This particular shoe most likely belonged to a sailor. Shoes, especially those belonging to "peasant" folk are a rare find. The reason? Shoes were expensive. The normal person would wear them until they fell apart. Thus, few intact shoes remain to the present day! This shoe is a rare and important find.

Read more about the Mary Rose and its artifacts here.
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