Monday, December 26, 2011

Who Wore it Best? - Six Wives Christmas Regalia

The Tudors has helped bring the world of Henry VIII to life. In this new monthly post series, I will compare items and clothing worn by characters on the show. As would have been done in real life, items were recycled on the series, passed from person to person.

To start of this monthly posting, I thought it would be fun to compare outfits worn by Henry's Six Wives during the Christmas Celebrations.

1) Katherine of Aragon

During the show, we only see Katherine preside over one Christmas. She wears the traditional red and gold, topped with a beautiful wreath adorned with pearls and rubies.

2) Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn presides over two Christmases during the show: One before she is Queen, and one while she is Queen.

As Lady Anne:

In this scene, Anne wears the traditional red with an elegant wreath of holy, rubies, and pearls. Not so traditional; her rather low neck line.

As Queen Anne:

As Queen, Anne dones royal purple rather than red. Her simple dress is dressed up with a bejeweled neckline and topped with an the traditional wreath.

3) Jane Seymour

Jane's short reign did give us one Christmas. Here she wears a stunning crimson silk dress with an elaborate gold underskirt. She, too, wears the traditional holiday wreath adorned with pearls and rubies.

4) Anne of Cleves

Unfortunately, we do not get to see Anne of Cleves as Queen during Christmas. However, she does attend the Christmas celebrations presided over by Katheryn Howard.

Here, Anne wears a stunning bejeweled crimson dressed. She, too, wears the traditional holiday wreath.

5) Katheryn Howard

Young Katheryn looks ever the youth in her almost pink dress, bejeweled as fitting for a Queen. She, too, wears the traditional holiday wreath. However, unlike her predecessors, her wreath consists of mostly flowers, which matches her bejeweled flower neckline.

6) Catherine Parr
The only time Catherine Parr is seen at Christmas is before she is introduced to the King. In the absence of a Queen, Princess Mary is presiding over the festivities. Catherine is shown here in a lace and silk dress, demure but elegant.

Now you decide! Which Queen wore it best?
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  1. They all have their very own style, it's hard to choose!! But I really like the first picture of Anne and the red dress. It is very pretty.

  2. I'm not remembering the state of the sumptuary laws in the 16th Century -- anybody else remember?

  3. The Sumptuary laws were still very much in place in Tudor England. They were not so much used on the common folk (who couldn't afford silk and jewels anyway) but more for the rich merchants in the cities. As the middle class grew in size and wealth, the King and nobles placed these restrictions on the middle class's appearance, clothing, and even what type of furniture they could have in their homes. These laws continued well into the 17th century.

    @Bridgett: I agree, Anne is my favorite character. But I'm not going to lie, Jane Seymour's dress is stunning!

  4. Anne Boleyn, ofcouse. Natalie Dormer is stunning!

  5. Jane Seymore's dress is stunning, with Anne Boleyn close 2nd!