Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tudor Tart: Elizabeth Amadas

No known portrait of Amadas exists.
However, here is a lovely "Unknown"
by Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale
Elizabeth Amadas, wife of Robert Amadas - Royal Goldsmith is up for vote as this week's Tudor Tart for several reasons. In the 1520's, it was rumored that Elizabeth was a mistress of Henry VIII. It is said that Henry wrote many a letter to the young lady, asking her to meet at William Compton's London home for a tryst. It is unknown whether or not Elizabeth did, in fact, become the King's mistress or not.

If she did, it would potential explain her later behavior. In 1532, Elizabeth was arrested for treason. She had spoken out against the King's marriage to Anne Boleyn saying Anne was a "harlot" and that the King should return to Katherine of Aragon. 

Unlike other less fortunate subjects who railed against their King's new wife, Elizabeth escaped execution and was released. However, she and her husband were permanently banished from court.

Now that the evidence has been laid before you, what do you think? Was Elizabeth spared because of the King's former affection for her as his mistress?
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  1. She is beautiful enough to have been his mistress.

  2. There definitely had to have been something there if he spared her life and only had her banished from court! What a blessing that was for her :)

    1. Somehow I don´t see having to shag Henry as a blessing, haha