Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fashion or Flop? - Mary, Queen of Scots

Last week we took a look at Sir George Clifford, dressed in his best armor. Though the reviews were mixed, we decided it was a fashion flop. Sorry, Sir George.

Today, we shall examine the garment worn by the infamous Queen of Scots. Thought to be very beautiful in her youth, Mary gave her cousin Elizabeth I a run for her money for the throne of England, ending with Mary having her pretty little head cut off.

Despite lacking some common sense, Mary had a great fashion sense. What think you? Is this black garment with gold embroidery and a white damask underskirt, topped with an ornate pearl headdress, fitting for a Queen of Fashion?

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  1. Simple, understated. Like.

  2. I think it's absolutely beautiful! Simple, feminine, effective. The little black dress of the 16th century I think =)

  3. Very fitting for a queen.