Monday, May 20, 2013

Some Big Changes Are Happening Here! Read Below to Find Out What!

After a long and heartfelt decision making process, I've decided to close down The Tudor Tattler. My reasons are personal; I've recently decided to go back to school, have a full time job, and other familial obligations. I simply don't have the time to give it what it deserves.

I also want to devote what spare time I do have to The Tudor Book Blog, my original blog at Everything Tudor, and where my real passion lies. I'm a librarian and I love books. I want to focus on Tudor books, though I will still share interesting Tudor related news here and there.

Evelyn, a dear friend of mine, has recently decided to get into blogging. She is a PhD student and knows her stuff. I have passed on my idea for a Tudor Gossip Site to her, and boy has she done a lot with it! Her new site, which I ask that you check out and follow if you enjoyed The Tudor Tattler, is Anne Boleyn's Gossip Guide. Though it does feature Anne, it is about all Tudor and Renaissance history. She is studying Art History and will feature a lot of period pieces, along with informative and well researched articles on many Tudor people, places, and events. She is also going to review "The Tudors" episode by episode, offering insight into the truth behind the fiction, as well as fun bits, including surveys to see who had the best costumes and such :)

I want to send out a huge huge thank you to all of my readers and subscribers. I am still going to be running The Tudor Book Blog and will be focusing all of my attention there (along with its Facebook and Twitter feeds). I love you all and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with The Tudor Tattler and really look forward to see what Evelyn does with Anne Boleyn's Gossip Guide. Thank you all!

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

English Architecture Lecture - Simon Thurley

I recently ran across a video featuring a lecture by Simon Thurley, author of one of my favorite books of all time, The Royal Palaces of Tudor England. Thurley discuss English architecture from 1530-1650 in this particular segment, but goes back to the middle ages and forward to more modern times in other segments. Here's the video which focuses quite a bit on several Tudor building projects:

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mary Rose Museum Set to Open on May 31st!

According to a new news article, the "secrets of the Tudor warship will finally be revealed on 31 May 2013 - at the very same dockyard where it was built over 500 years ago."

The opening marks 30 years since the hull was raised from where it sunk 437 years ago. New exhibitions, such as "Life Onboard," "Meet a Carpenter" and "Realities of Life" (using DNA research), will be featured.

The Mary rose was Henry VIII's great flagship. Its loss must have been devastating for the fiery monarch. Now, people can finally see it and its fascinating artifacts again!

Be sure to read more about it here.

You can also donate to the Mary Rose Fund here as well as learn more about the ship through a virtual exhibit.
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tudor Rose Seal/March Giveaway Winner!

A huge thank you to all who entered the March Giveaway! As you know, the prize is a brass Tudor Rose Wax Seal. I must admit, after receiving it in the mail, I really want to get me own! I know it is going to be a fun addition to any Tudor collection!

We had quite a few entries, many getting their name in the hat several times by "liking" us on Facebook and "following" us on Twitter. A BIG thank you for that!!! After compiling all the entries, I used to choose one randomly.

Without further ado, the winner is...


Please send me an email by April 9th at everythingtudor"at" or message Everything Tudor on FB to claim your prize!

Thanks again to all who entered!

We have a very special giveaway coming up this month, sponsored by author Sandra Byrd! More on that soon!
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Friday, March 29, 2013

Garden and Eat Like a Tudor

I stumbled upon an interesting article today which looks at what veggies were grown by Tudors, and which you can still grow and use today.

Be sure to check it out here.
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Monday, March 18, 2013

March Giveaway: Tudor Rose Wax Seal

To make things a bit easier on myself, I've decided to close down my Tudor Tattler Facebook Page and only post on the Everything Tudor Facebook Page. Since my overall website is Everything Tudor, and the Tudor Tattler is part of it, I am simply merging them.

I really appreciate all of my wonderful readers' support with all social media connected with this website. Please make sure to "like" the Everything Tudor Facebook page (for future updates from the Tudor Tattler) if you haven't already, as I will no longer be posting on the Tudor Tattler Facebook Page.

With that said, to celebrate this "merger," I've decided to giveaway something special this month:

A Tudor Rose Wax Seal. This lovely brass seal is engraved with a Tudor Rose, and works with all types of sealing wax.

How do you win this fabulous prize?

  • To get your name in the "hat" once, leave a comment here (you must do at least this to enter the giveaway).
  • To get your name in twice, "like" the Everything Tudor Facebook page OR "follow" me on Twitter. If you do both, you will get your name in three times! If you have already done one or both, let me know in your comment as it will still count.
You have until 12 am on March 31st to enter. The winner will be randomly drawn on April 1st and announced. Good luck, and thanks again for all the support!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Reconstructing Richard III's Tomb

Though this is slightly dated now, I thought it was still very interesting. Archaeologists have reconstructed what they think Greyfriars, the place which held Richard III's remains, looked like. It was originally constructed in 1230, and was one of the first Franciscan Friaries in England. Using old glass, stone, and foundations found at the site of Richard's dig, archaeologists were able to piece together what Greyfriars looked like.

This article goes into a lot more detail, as well as provides artists' reconstructions of what Greyfriars might have looked like inside and out! 
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